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PERM Machine & Tool is proud to be exhibiting again at Metpack for the seventh time.  PERM has been a leading, global supplier of products & services to enhance the metal decorating industry for many years. The Company takes great pride in providing its customers with proven product lines, combined with unsurpassed customer service and reliability, as well as dedicated service technicians around the globe.
Key Products:  *Wagner Coaters, wholly owned by Perm. *Hoe Press, wholly owned by PERM. *World Oven and all components. *Spare & replacement parts. *Service parts for Wicket Ovens, including chain, sprockets, wickets & oven parts. 
Key Services:  PERM has service technicians available worldwide. The Company offers rebuilt and upgraded Wagner coaters that provide increased production speeds up to at least 20 percent. PERM sells (and services) rebuilt machines worldwide, and incorporates sub-assemblies, which reduce changeover times between 40 and 50 percent.  An improved application roller design cuts changeover time of that component from 30 minutes, down to less than  5 minutes. Along with these other improvements, PERM also makes a retrofit available for existing Wagner coaters; as well as on fully rebuilt machines. 
PERM also offers rebuilt Hoe decorating presses, with increased production speeds up to 20 percent; with changeover times cut by up to 25 percent. PERM offers press parts to its global customers, and services the machines around the world. Enhanced capabilities: To enable customers to continue to operate with minimal interruption, PERM can supply rebuilt presses to replace the old presses. 
The Company also offers the same ‘switch out/no interruption service’ for Luthi and Wagner bundle turners, as well as upgrades on the units, including catering to individual customer requests, I.E.:  powered rollers in the in feed and out feed. 


Telephone: (219) 365-5000    Fax: (219) 365-4847

Mail to:  P.O. Box 660  St. John, Indiana 46373

Ship to:  9660 Industrial Drive,  St. John, IN 46373

Operating hours: 7:30 a.m. CST to 5:00 p.m. CST

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