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Where Quality & Service is JOB One!

PERM goes above and beyond the call of duty to meet our customers' needs

Since 1970 PERM Machine & Tool Company has been a worldwide supplier of replacement parts for the metal decorating industry.  With family ties connected to the can making industry since the late 1940’s, PERM has the experience to deliver innovative, solution based products to the market. PERM has been supplying replacement parts with innovative designs, strict quality standards, and utilization of the finest raw materials. PERM routinely produces products that far exceed original equipment standards. Example of some products are:

                                                                            •Oven Chain        


                                                                            •Oven Rail                                 

                                                                            •Lubrication Systems           

                                                                            •Wagner® Coater Parts     

                                                                            •Hoe® Press Parts 

                                                                            •Magnetic Side Gauging Systems  

                                                                            •Robo Roller Storage System           

                                                                            •Accu-Laser Alignment Tool  


Numerous years after the acquisition of the HOE® Printing Press Company, PERM has revitalized the HOE® through upgrades and innovation.  PERM has begun a rebuild and exchange program as well as offer new HOE® Presses.  PERM is the proud owner of the registered trademark for the Wagner® Coater and HOE® Press.

Copyright © 2020 PERM MACHINE

Telephone: (219) 365-5000    Fax: (219) 365-4847

Mail to:  P.O. Box 660  St. John, Indiana 46373

Ship to:  9660 Industrial Drive,  St. John, IN 46373

Operating hours: 7:30 a.m. CST to 5:00 p.m. CST

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